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price for the engine swap includes

Engine service and Cam belt change consisting of

New engine and gearbox oil

New filter

New Cam belt kit

New aux belt

New aux belt pulley

New water pump

New rocker cover gasket

New air filter

New spark plugs

New clutch kit with slave cylinder

Engine clean and de grease before fitting

Engine bay clean and de grease

Removing old engine and

Fitting of engine, gearbox, exhaust, and loom

Price based on new engine and auxiliaries been supplied with the car. Extra costs involved if I need to source the engine and collect.

I will need

1.7 engine

Gearbox unless you want to use your original one

1.7 airbox top and inlet hose

1.7 engine loom with key and ecu

1.7 engine mounts

Upgrades available

Performance air filter £40

PH2 cams £636

Doing this swap will mean you will have 1 key for the central locking and 1 key to start the engine. The puma loom does not have the fog light plugs. This can be rectified for an additional £120

I have got engines in stock for £550 and gearboxes for £100. If I supply an engine, it will have a new headgasket, and the head will be reconditioned as they are untested engines, so I like to make sure there are no issues with the engines I supply

Fiesta 1.7 engine swap

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